Keusch'n Relaunche May 2019
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The basis of our work

Meetings at regular intervals assure vivid exchange of information.

There's a team meeting every week, house meetings every two weeks, board meetings once a month, quarterly extended team meetings, the annual general meeting and a conclave meeting once a year.

To assure high quality work, we evaluate and reflect not only within the team but include the club members in the process and provide supervision.


To be able to offer new material and be up to date we try to attend advanced training regularly.

Participation of young people is the central theme in our field of work.

A constant exchange of information between us and other youth centres / counselling centres.
Public relations

We are present in schools and other institutions to raise awareness and attack prejudices (against open youth work).

Only with this basis we are able to accomplish open youth work to very high standards including recreational activities, building relationships and conducting projects about the prevention of violent or addictive behaviour. Further it allows us to contribute to a healthy youth.

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