Keusch'n Relaunche May 2019
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Full-time employee

Nina Landgraf


About me:
"After my traineeship as a retailer, I quickly realized that I didn't want a job solely for earning money. I preferred to find joy in my work instead. That's why I completed the general qualification for university entrance and started studying sociology in 2011. Despite my choice of studies, the work with children and teenagers attracted me more and more. After an internship at the Dietrichskeusch'n 2015 it was clear to me, that I would love to work in the field of "open youth work". After that, I was working at the youth center Funtastic for almost 2 years. In autumn 2015, I began to study pedagogy as well as for my master's degree in sociology. Now I returned to the Dietrichskeusch'n and I'm looking forward to an exciting time."

Chinese martial arts (Qi Gong, Tai Ji, Kung Fu), outdoor activities (swimming, hiking, climbing, cycling), historical representation and historical handicraft, games (card games, strategy games and for a short time pen & paper)

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